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Product Updates April 2024
Product Updates April 2024

What's New in April '24: Releases, Updates, and News

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Over the past few months, we've been working hard to bring some exciting updates and features to enhance your experience with our product. This product release will be filled with some highly anticipated and surprising updates. Here's what's new this April!

MeetGeek Chrome Extension

We’re thrilled to announce a new tool that streamlines how you handle both scheduled and ad-hoc meetings: the MeetGeek Chrome Extension! With the extension, you can do things such as:

  • Invite the Notetaker to non-scheduled meetings with just one click — no need to navigate away from your current page!

  • Pause and resume the recording of your live meetings.

  • Modify settings for upcoming meetings directly from the extension.

  • Jump back into past meetings to review recordings, transcripts, or summaries.

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Updated: MeetGeek Mobile App

The new version of the MeetGeek mobile app for Android now offers not just the recording of in-person conversations but also includes all of MeetGeek’s most important features:

  • Effortlessly find and share past meetings - ideal for catching up or reliving key discussions.

  • Manage future meeting details at the swipe of a finger - from selecting meeting templates to adjusting the language.

  • With the app you can quickly invite the MeetGeek notetaker via mobile and make sure that every important topic is captured.

  • Record and transcribe insights from in-person conversations in over 70 languages, including English, Spanish, Hindi, French, German, Arabic, and Portuguese.

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MeetGeek Chat Assistant for Slack (Beta)

MeetGeek Chat Assistant is a new way to interact with your meeting insights directly within Slack. This is your personal companion dedicated to capturing the knowledge from your meetings and using it to make your life easier.

With the Meeting Chat Assistant, you can do things such as:

  • Crafting follow-up emails for your latest meetings.

  • Translating summaries of your meetings into any language of your choice.

  • Finding out the main topics discussed in your recent meetings.

  • Recalling when a specific topic was discussed and the key questions raised.

  • and other.

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Fully editable highlights

We've made further improvements to our meeting highlights functionality, making them fully editable. Now, you can edit the title, the summary, or the entire section of the transcript directly within the highlight. All changes will be automatically saved and instantly reflected in the AI Summary as well.

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AI Summary: edit or auto-generate a new one

We added a new control panel to the AI Summary tab of your meetings:

Now, you have control over the meeting summary email that the participants receive. Edit the auto-generated AI Summary of your meeting, and the changes will be automatically saved. Once you're ready, click 'Send' to share the edited version of the summary email with others.

Use the 'Regenerate Summary' button to rerun the generation of the summary if you want to change the template or language of your meeting and receive the corresponding AI summary.

Updated: HubSpot integration

Based on user feedback, we've enhanced the MeetGeek-HubSpot integration. Now, you have the flexibility to choose where meeting summaries are stored within your HubSpot Contact data. You can also select which meetings (e.g., only external or including internal) should be synced with HubSpot.

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