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Meeting Chat Assistant for Slack
Meeting Chat Assistant for Slack

How to install and use the Meeting Chat Assistant.

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In this article, we'll cover the steps for activating the MeetGeek Chat Assistant in your Slack workspace and how to use it to its full potential.

Once you install our app you can interact with your meeting insights directly within Slack, transforming the knowledge from your discussions into outcomes that help you improve your productivity.


Overview of the Meeting Chat Assistant

The Meeting Chat Assistant is an application for Slack created to improve how you can directly access meeting insights. It serves as a personal companion that you can readily request to summarize discussions, identify action items, translate meeting summaries, and perform several other tasks.

Purpose and benefits of using this app for Slack

This app is the perfect complement for everyone looking to maximize the value they extract from MeetGeek. Its purpose is to provide our users with an AI-powered bot for easy communication and retrieval of meeting insights while assisting with various meeting-related tasks typically done manually. Key advantages include time savings when searching for specific meeting details and better efficiency in follow-up tasks.

Getting Started & Using the Chat Assistant

How to install the Chat Assistant on Slack

  1. Visit the Slack App Directory: Search for "MeetGeek Chat Assistant" and select the app, or click here

  2. Add to Slack: Click the "Add to Slack" button and follow the on-screen instructions to install

  3. Authorize the App: Grant necessary permissions for the app to access your Slack workspace

How to interact with the Chat Assistant

Engaging directly through the app

Initiate a conversation with the Chat Assistant by simply saying "Hi" in the app's direct message space. This begins your interactive session.

Adding the Chat Assistant to a channel

To add the Chat Assistant to a team channel:

  1. Go to the channel where you want the Chat Assistant to be available.

  2. Type @MeetGeek Chat Assistant, select the app, and click on the send button

  3. When this box pops up, click on "Add to channel"

  4. The Chat Assistant is now part of the channel and can interact with members

Useful chat prompt examples

The Chat Assistant is especially valuable for:

  • Drafting follow-up emails

  • Translating summaries to various languages

  • Identifying key discussion topics and next steps

  • Reminding of past discussions on specific topics

There are currently limits to the volume of chat messages sent per day. Check usage limits

How does the Chat Assistant collect and learn about meetings?

The Chat Assistant uses advanced algorithms to analyze your meeting transcripts stored in MeetGeek. It learns from the context and content of your discussions to provide relevant and personalized insights.

Currently, it learns information from your last meetings (meetings that were recorded by your notetaker), using a sliding window of your last 20 meetings. This means that once you record a new meeting with MeetGeek, the oldest one from the list will be left out. You can also control which meetings to learn or forget by using slash commands (see below).

Using Slash Commands

You can use slash commands to start new chats with fresh context, send private messages, or ask the assistant to learn a particular meeting. Type /mg help to display the list of available commands.

/mg help: Display available commands.
/mg dm {private/public} {message}: Message the assistant and receive the reply in private (default is public)
/mg new {chat}: Starts a fresh new chat.
/mg learn {meeting URL}: Learns a new meeting and may forget the oldest meeting in the list if there are more than 20 meetings in the memory.
/mg forget {meeting URL}: Forgets a meeting.


Tips for optimizing your use of the Chat Assistant

  • Be specific: Clearly state your requests to get the most accurate responses

"Can you provide a summary of the main topics and action items from yesterday's all-hands meeting?"

  • Use keywords: Mention specific topics or keywords from your meetings for targeted insights

"Could you highlight all discussions related to the 'Q3 Marketing Strategy' from our last three meetings, including any action items mentioned?"

  • Feedback loop: Provide feedback on the Chat Assistant's responses to help it learn and improve

"The summary you provided for the 'Q3 Marketing Strategy' discussion was helpful, but it missed some key action items mentioned. It would be great if future summaries included a more comprehensive list of action items."

  • Regular updates: Keep your meeting data up to date in MeetGeek for the most relevant insights

Support and Feedback

If you need support with the Chat Assistant, please use the in-app chat feature available on the MeetGeek platform. Our team is ready to help you with any questions or issues you may find. Additionally, you'll find a dedicated section for sharing your feedback.

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