In this guide, we describe the steps to integrate your Slack workspace with Meetgeek. This means that you will be able to share meetings or highlights with your workspace.

How to integrate Slack with your workspace

1. Go to Settings->Integrations and press "Connect" on the Slack tile.

2. Before granting permissions, check that you are granting the permissions to the workspace that you want to share on to.

Tip: You can add more workspaces by accessing the quick actions menu of the slack integration tile.

How to share highlights with Slack Integration

1. Once you have Slack integration enabled, open a past meeting (e.g. from the past meetings page)

2. In the Summary View, when hovering over a highlight, you will see contextual buttons for that highlight.

3. Press the "Share" button and a new view will open.

4. Press the "Send to Slack" button and a dropdown will appear with the available workspaces and their respective channels.

5. Press on the channel you want to share.

In your channel on Slack, you should receive a message like the one below:

How to use workflows with Slack integration

1. Go to the workflows page.

2. Select if you want a meeting or a highlight to be shared.

3. Write what should the name of the highlight/meeting contain (if left empty it will run on all of the highlight/meetings).

4. Select Slack as the destination and choose a channel from the new dropdown.

5. Press the "Save rules" button.

In the animation, we created a rule which states that for any given meeting which has in the title "and Meetgeek" we will push a message on the selected channel.

If you need further support, please write us an email or use the chat bubble within the application.

If you have any questions about how we handle privacy, please visit our Privacy Policy

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