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Notion quickstart guide
Notion quickstart guide
Guide on how to synchronize meeting summaries and highlights to Notion pages.
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This guide describes the steps to integrate Notion with Meetgeek. Using this integration you can synchronize meeting summaries and highlights to your Notion workspace.

Connect Notion

  1. Go to Settings -> Integrations and press "Connect" on the Notion card.

  2. Grant the necessary permissions.

Automatically sync meeting notes and transcripts to Notion

You can use MeetGeek to sync meeting summaries and transcripts automatically to your Notion workspace.

  1. Go to the Workflows page.

  2. Select Notion as the destination

  3. (Optionally) Enter a name pattern in the "Which name contains" input. E.g. "Demo Call". If left empty, all meetings will be considered.

  4. Choose a Notion Parent Page or Database from the dropdown.

  5. Press the "Save rules" button.

After your next meeting with MeetGeek, you should see a newly created Notion Page with the title of your meeting, under the parent page or database you selected.

Each meeting has a correspondent new page containing the meeting details, summary, and highlights.

Note: If you move the Parent Notion Page to another location, MeetGeek will create Notion entries in the new location.

Manually sync

  1. Once you have Notion integration enabled, open a past meeting (e.g. from the past meetings page)

  2. At the press Share Meeting

  3. Press the Notion button and you will receive a message confirming that the page has been created in Notion.

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