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Notion quickstart guide
Notion quickstart guide

Guide on how to synchronize meeting summaries and highlights to Notion pages.

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In this article, we will cover the steps to integrate MeetGeek with Notion, a project management tool.

Through this integration, you will be able to sync meeting transcripts, summaries, and highlights directly to your Notion workspace.

How to connect Notion with MeetGeek

  1. Go to the Integrations page and press on the Notion card.

  2. Click on the connect button.

  3. Grant the necessary permissions and the integration is successfully enabled.

  4. (Optional) Set up the default Notion settings.

Default Notion settings

To access the default Notion settings, go to the Integrations page on the MeetGeek dashboard. Click on the Notion card and select the "Settings" button. This will open a window with the default Notion settings, as shown in the following screenshot:

Here you can set:

In the "Pages & Databases" field, select the page that will be used as the default to create an internal page when none is chosen.

If "Transcript" is disabled, MeetGeek will send a meeting summary with highlights to Notion. If it is enabled, MeetGeek will send the full meeting transcript to your Notion page or database.

Important: These settings will serve as the default settings for your account. However, you can still override the default settings if needed while setting up a workflow or sharing past meetings with Notion.

How to sync past meetings with Notion

Let's say you had a call with your team or partner and you need to save that call in your project management tool, which in this case is Notion.

There are several ways to do that.

- Share meeting summary with Notion

To do that, go to the meeting page and click the "Share meeting" button.

Then, select the Notion logo and ensure that the "Send transcript" option is toggled off. Select the page in your Notion workspace where you would like to send the meeting summary. Press "Send" and the meeting will immediately appear there.

- Share meeting transcript with Notion

If you want to send the complete transcript to your Notion page or database, follow the same steps described above, but make sure to toggle on the "Send transcript" option.

- Share meeting highlights with Notion

It is also possible to share only certain highlights of your meeting with Notion.

To do this, go to the meeting page of that particular meeting and navigate to the “Highlights” section. From there, select all or specific highlights and click "Share highlights".

You will be prompted to select the Notion page or database to which you want to add highlights. Click "Send" and all tasks will immediately appear in your Notion workspace.

How to automatically update Notion with meeting assets

Now, let's review how to automatically connect every meeting or highlight with your Notion workspace, saving you hours of manual work each week. Let’s proceed with the creation of an automated workflow.

Note: Automated workflows are available for users on Pro and higher subscription plans. Review here.

To proceed, head to the Integrations page in your MeetGeek account and enter the Workflows.

  1. Select Notion as the destination in the "Send to" field.

  2. Enter a name pattern in the "Which name contains" input. E.g. "Demo Call". If left empty, all meetings will be considered.

  3. Choose a Notion Parent Page or Database from the dropdown.

  4. Press the "Save workflow" button.

After your next meeting with MeetGeek, you should see a newly created Notion Page with the title of your meeting, under the parent page or database you selected.

Each meeting has a corresponding new page containing the meeting details, summary, and highlights.

Note: If you move the Parent Notion Page to another location, MeetGeek will create Notion entries in the new location.

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