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Google Drive Quickstart Guide
Google Drive Quickstart Guide

Guide on how to synchronize meeting summaries, notes and transcripts to Google Drive folders

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This guide describes the steps to integrate Google Drive with MeetGeek. Using this integration you can synchronize meeting notes, summaries, and transcripts to your Google Drive folders.

Connect GDrive

  1. Go to Integrations and press on the Google Drive card.

  2. Click the "Connect" button

  3. You will be prompted to grant permission to your Google Drive account.
    Once you do so, the integration will be complete.

Now let's review the case when you want to automatically send certain or all meetings to your Google Drive, and create a separate document for every meeting.

Automatically sync meeting notes and transcripts to Google Docs

You can use MeetGeek to sync meeting summaries and transcripts automatically to Google Docs files.

Note: The automated workflows are included in the paid MeetGeek subscriptions, starting from the Pro plan.

  1. Go to the Workflows page.

  2. Select Google Drive in the "Send to" field.

  3. (Optionally) Enter a name pattern in the Which name contains input. E.g. "Demo Call". If left empty, all meetings will be considered.

  4. Press the "Save workflow" button.

After your next meeting with MeetGeek, you should see a Google Drive folder called "MeetGeek Files" in your root Drive folder.

Each meeting has a correspondent folder with a Google Docs document inside.

Your Google Docs contains the meeting metadata, summary, and highlights, as well as a formatted outline generated on the left.

Note: If you move the main MeetGeek folder to another location, MeetGeek will share files in the new location.

Manually sync to Google Docs

  1. Once you have Google Drive integration enabled, open a past meeting (e.g. from the past meetings page)

  2. At the top of the Transcript View, press "Share on Google Drive".

  3. A new button will replace the original "Share on Google Drive" called "Copy link". Press on it to copy the link to your clipboard.

  4. Open a new tab or browser and paste the link.

Note: If you delete the folder that MeetGeek created for this meeting, then the button will change back to Share on Google Drive.

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