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Product Updates August 2023
Product Updates August 2023

What's New in August '23: Releases, Updates, and News

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Check out what we've been working hard on for the past couple of weeks.

Salesforce integration

MeetGeek now offers automatic syncing of your sales calls and prospect meetings with Salesforce CRM. This integration allows you to sync entire conversations, meeting summaries, or specific highlights with the appropriate contact in your CRM, or create a new one.

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AI Meeting Minutes by MeetGeek

Task detection

We are excited to announce that, after testing the functionality and analyzing the feedback, we have released the Task Detection feature to every user.

Starting today, after your meeting ends, you will receive a summary email that includes a new block of Next Steps (i.e., tasks). You can also see the new "Task" tag in the transcription of every meeting. This allows you to quickly review all your to-do's and action items right after the call.

Or, you can set up an automated workflow that updates other platforms where you manage your work with tasks:

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Asana integration

Another requested integration is now live! This means that you can send AI-powered meeting summaries or particular highlights (such as tasks) from MeetGeek to Asana. You can sync both past meetings with your Asana projects, or create a workflow to automatically update your boards with the tasks discussed on the calls.

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Send call transcripts to Notion

We received a lot of requests from our Notion users to send not only a summary but the entire meeting transcript to their Notion workspace. And now you can! With this new feature, you can search all transcripts and notes using Notion's built-in search feature and can collaborate with your teammates on specific parts of the conversations.

Update Notion database with meeting highlights

For everyone using automated workflows, we are glad to announce that you can now share the highlights of your meeting with Notion.

One of our favorite use cases is the automatic updating of your database with the tasks discussed during a meeting. It allows you to automate the manual effort of capturing tasks directly from your calls, ensuring that you never miss important action points.

If you do not yet use workflows, you can still share highlights with Notion from the meeting page in MeetGeek.

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