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How to use workflows to push content automatically to your favourite tools
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We're very excited to introduce this powerful feature.

The concept is simple: define your own rules to push meeting content or highlights automatically to wherever you get your work done. With automated workflows, you can enable a wide range of productivity streams such as:

  • For Sales. Enrich your CRM with meeting notes and summaries.

  • For Recruiters. Enhance your ATS and share video snippets of candidates answering questions.

  • Distribute authentic customer feedback and requirements to your product team

  • Automatically notify team members by mentioning their name in the meeting

You can access automated workflows from this page. You need to integrate first with Slack, Trello, or Zapier to enable them. Let's look at a couple of examples.

Enhance your CRM with meeting notes - A Trello card for each discovery call

I have one rule below that automatically creates a Trello card for each discovery call with "and Meetgeek Team" in the meeting subject.

And this is what the Trello card looks like:

This way I can easily access the meeting recording, summary, and notes so I have the full context at one click distance. This makes it super easy to follow up professionally with my prospects.

Customer feedback sent to the product team - Video snippets sent to Slack channel

A 2nd rule pushes highlights mentioning Google Meet automatically into a dedicated Slack channel:

and this is what the Slack message looks like:

This way, all the Google Meet mentions from my meetings are shared automatically on a Slack channel where engineers working on the Google Meet integration can watch the video snippets and understand how the solution should be built.

Important. For the workflow rule to work, use the name the highlight defined in the meeting template page.

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