How meeting sharing works

How meeting sharing works in Meegeek

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With MeetGeek, you can make meetings optional for participants and allow them to catch up at their own pace. In fact, our mantra is "Never attend a just-in-case meeting again!"

When you share meetings or highlights with others, they can access the video, transcript, and summary of the call. Here is how sharing works in MeetGeek:

Automatic sharing of meetings

By default, a meeting in MeetGeek is shared with all the invitees from the calendar invitation.

Note: The meeting is not automatically shared with other attendees of the call, who are not listed in the calendar invitation. The reason for this is that the email address of an attendee is not always accessible from within the call, as is the case of a calendar invitation.

As a consequence, automatic sharing is not applicable to an ad-hoc meeting.

Meetings with customers

If you have meetings with customers, please note that, by default, they will receive a copy of the meeting. If you want to change this, you can do so from the Settings page or you can enable/disable it for a particular meeting from the Upcoming meetings page.

The default sharing settings can be changed if you're on the Pro plan subscription or higher.

Sharing meetings, private & public meetings

If you want to make meetings private so that only you, as the owner of the meeting in MeetGeek, can access the content. you have two options. You can make all meetings private by default by navigating to Settings -> Sharing -> Choose "Private" from the dropdown menu as seen below.

You can make a specific meeting private by navigating to the Meeting page -> Press Share Meeting.

In the popup, choose the "Private" option in the General Access dropdown menu.

Note: Sharing in MeetGeek works exactly like in Google Docs. In the same sharing popup above, you can type new email addresses, even for persons who do not own a MeetGeek account.
If you need to distribute a public link to a wider audience, choose "Anyone with the link" option in the General Access dropdown menu, and you will see the 'Copy link' button.

Note: The public links are available only as long as the meeting is not private.

Sharing highlights

If you don't want to share the entire meeting with someone, you can choose a specific excerpt from the call and share only that.

To do this, open the meeting recording and highlight the text you want to share. Once you do this, you will see the option to create the highlighted fragment (you can also share the highlights automatically created by MeetGeek).

When you create a highlight, you now have the option to 'copy' the link to that highlight or 'share' it directly to your Slack channel, for example.

You can choose to send this highlight to tools such as Slack, Trello, or Zapier. Check all possible integrations here.

Sharing using automated workflows

If you have specific meetings and highlights for which you want end-to-end automation, then use automated workflows. Check this article for more details.

Sharing using teams

MeetGeek offers you the possibility to define teams and make calls shareable within those teams in a seamless way, without adding people to the calendar invite. Check this article for more details.

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