In Meetgeek you can define teams to share calls seamlessly and transparently. Here is how it works. On the teams page, start creating a team.

Then, in the popup give it a name and start adding emails.

The persons added to the team will receive an email asking for permission to be included in the team. Before they accept, you will see a clock icon near their name.

Important. Here are the roles inside a team:

  • The lead (colored green) can see the meetings of all the members (colored blue)

  • Members don't see a lead's meetings

  • Members don't see the meetings of other members

  • You can have multiple leads in the same team.

  • The creator of the team is by default a lead

  • Leads don't see the meetings of other leads

  • Any member can opt out of a team at any given moment.

Important. If invited persons accept to be part of the team, it means, by default, they will share ALL their meetings with you, unless marked otherwise. There are 2 approaches:

  1. They share all meetings by default and unshare/mark several as private.

  2. They mark all their calls private and share calls individually with the team. In this case, they should be a lead in the team.

Once you're happy with the team setup, you can navigate to the meetings of a team in the past meetings page.

You can also share a specific meeting with a team, from the meeting page, by clicking on the "Share Meeting" button and typing the name of the team in the input box.

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