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Discover post-meeting features
Discover post-meeting features

Let's explore all the features you get after you recorded your meeting with MeetGeek

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In this article, we will explore all the features you can access after recording your meeting with MeetGeek.

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Once you've started your call, the Upcoming Meeting page displays the start of the recording. From here, you can pause and relaunch the recording of your call if needed.

MeetGeek will process the meeting immediately after it ends and share the recording, transcript, and summary within 5-10 minutes, depending on the length of the conversation.

After the processing is complete, your meeting will appear in the "Past Meetings" tab.

1. How to organize past meetings

The "Past Meetings" tab is where you can find all recorded meetings across every video conference platform. The meetings are organized by the following filters:

  • All: displays a list of all recorded meetings

  • Uploads: shows past calls that were not recorded by MeetGeek, but you uploaded them to MeetGeek, so the tool transcribed them for you.

  • Shared with me: lists meetings recorded by someone else and shared with you.

  • Archive: hides meetings that you don't want to appear on the "Past Meetings" page, but that you also don't want to delete.

In addition to the default filters, you can use Teams features to group your meetings.

For example, if you participate in Management, Marketing, and Sales meetings, you can create three teams with the members of those departments, and meetings will be automatically grouped.

2. How to Edit and Collaborate on a Meeting Page

To access the meeting transcript, click on the ‘View meeting’ button. This will take you to this particular meeting page.

What you will see here:

- Meeting Recording

MeetGeek records only the audio of the meeting by default.

However, you can switch to video-based recording by activating this feature in the Account Settings —> Meeting Assistant —> ✅ Video recording.

If you use video recording, you can turn on or off auto-generated captions for your meeting. You can also download them as an .srt file using the "Download" button.

Note: Please note that video and shared screen recording is not available on the Basic plan. You must have a Pro or higher subscription plan to activate these features.

- Search bar

Use the Quick Search bar to navigate the meeting recording and quickly find any information discussed during the call. The transcript will automatically point you to the part where you discussed the searched term.

Tip: You can also use the search function on the "Past Meetings" page to find meetings based on the title, participant, or keyword.

- Download meeting assets

You can find the download option just above the meeting video/audio screen. This option lets you download assets such as captions, transcripts, and videos, and upload them to your workspace.

If you own the meeting, you can automate the process of transcript download-upload by using the "Share on Google Drive" option as well.

- Meeting Transcription

The transcription block is fully editable, allowing you to collaborate on it.

  • To edit the transcript, click on the part of the text that you would like to correct. Saving is automatic.

  • You can select words and add them to your boost list, to improve the accuracy of the transcript over time.

  • You can also edit the speakers that are automatically detected by MeetGeek by clicking on the circle with the speaker's initials.

- Transcription Collaboration

If you want to share a specific part of your meeting recording with your team, you can easily create a "Highlight" by selecting the corresponding text and clicking on the Highlight button.

Apply the tag to this highlight (optional, but it will make navigation much easier in the future). You will then see two options: 1) create a link with the highlight or 2) immediately share it to your Slack channel, for example.

If you create a sharable link, it will automatically be copied to your clipboard. When opened in a browser, the link will display as a separate page with the exact text you highlighted and a video snippet of that part.

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3. Meeting Highlights

The highlight functionality is one of the most important features of MeetGeek.

In the previous section, we described the manual way to create highlights of your conversation.

However, MeetGeek also automatically detects and tags important parts of your conversation based on different triggers used while speaking. The system recognizes and provides out-of-the-box AI-based highlights, such as:

  • Actions -> commitments that a person makes to a certain task

  • Concerns -> expressing a fear, concern, worry, or uncertainty

  • Facts -> clear concise statements, usually containing numbers

We hope this article has shown you the features you can access by recording your meetings with MeetGeek.

Proceed with the next support article to find out more about the AI Meeting Minutes, a summary email that the participants get after the meeting.

Explore our Support Center for further guides, frequently asked questions, and tips. Or use the in-app live chat to reach out to our support team.

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