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AI Meeting Minutes - your summary email
AI Meeting Minutes - your summary email

Learn everything about AI Minutes and how you can leverage them.

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AI Summary provides a simple and accurate overview of your meeting in a structured email. It's a fully automated summary email that appears in your inbox shortly after the call and includes:

  • a one-paragraph meeting recap

  • meeting outline

  • next steps

  • conversation highlights with main topics and action items

  • the link to the full video transcript

Currently, AI Meeting Minutes are available to all users on any subscription plan.

Let’s review the AI Summary in more detail

Once the meeting recording and transcription have been processed, you can find the auto-generated meeting minutes under the corresponding tab on the Meeting page.

  • The email is editable, except for the sender ("From" field), which will always be the same - [email protected].

  • The recipients ("To" field) include the email addresses of the participants in the meeting. However, you can also add users who were not on the call, but whom you still want to keep in the loop.

  • The body of the email is generated by AI and includes key details from your conversation, with action items, important points, and facts highlighted.

How to share AI Meeting summaries with others

By default, meeting minutes are sent to every participant of the call within 5-10 minutes after the call ends, depending on the meeting duration.

Users on the Pro plan and above can control the sharing options in their account's settings while choosing between the following options:

  • send summary email to all participants

  • send summary email to myself only

  • send summary email to team members but not to customers

How to edit AI Meeting summaries

If you want to edit meeting minutes before sending them to participants, follow these steps:

  1. Set your sharing preferences to "Send summary email to myself only" as the default.

  2. Go to the meeting page and edit the minutes.

  3. Verify that the recipients of the email are as desired.

  4. Click the "Send" button, and the edited version of the minutes will be sent.

Every Meeting summary includes the following control panel as well:

  • The 'Save' button allows you to make edits to the auto-generated summary email and save the new, edited version.

  • The 'Copy' button allows you to copy the text of the AI summary.

  • The 'Reset' button allows you to restore the initial version of the AI summary, before any of your edits.

  • The 'Regenerate Summary' button allows you to rerun the generation of the summary if you want to change the template or language of your meeting and get the corresponding AI summary.

If you want to customize your summary email even further, you can remove MeetGeek branding and change it to your brand assets instead.

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Custom summaries with multiple bots

Multiple Notetakers can join a meeting if multiple attendees have MeetGeek enabled and their default join setting is set to register all the calendar events. The advantage of having multiple bots in the same meeting is that each MeetGeek user who attended the meeting receives his own custom summary and full control over the output in MeetGeek.

Note: You can change the name of the Notetakers to differentiate between multiple MeetGeek Notetakers during the same meeting.

Organization settings

If you are not interested in having different summaries of the meetings for the people in your organization, the join-by-host control should be set to "Join only calendar events that I host" for all the people in the organization. Only one bot joins the meeting on behalf of the host.

If the host has enabled automatic sharing with the attendees, all the meeting attendees receive access to the same copy of the meeting in MeetGeek.

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