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How to add your branding in the summary emails sent by MeetGeek

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The branded email feature allows you to reflect your unique brand identity in the emails that MeetGeek sends to participants after your meetings.

This feature enables you to replace the MeetGeek branding with your own brand assets.

To accomplish this, navigate to the 'Branding' tab in the settings of your MeetGeek account -> select the checkbox labeled 'Enable branded emails'.

You will then see fields that you can customize on the left and a preview of the email with live changes on the right.

Email Preview

The right part previews the after-meeting emails that can be sent automatically or manually to your participants.

At present, you can customize two types of emails:

  • Legacy Email: a standard email sent when a summary is unavailable.

  • AI Summary Email: the default email sent after each meeting (currently only available in English).

Any changes made in the left section will be immediately reflected in the preview.

Available settings

1. Enable or disable branded emails. When this setting is toggled off, the default branded MeetGeek email will be sent. When it is enabled, everyone will receive an email shown in 'Preview'.

2. Add your company logo to the emails.

3. Add your company's website URL in the custom link field.

Tip: You can still use the MeetGeek logo, and insert an affiliate link into the custom link field. By doing so, you can earn referral commissions for every user who purchases a MeetGeek subscription via your link. Find your custom referral link in the side menu of your MeetGeek account.
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4. and 5. go together and control the background and text colors of each button in the email.

6. Allows you to edit the email body.

Note: The custom email body is used ONLY for legacy emails. The AI summary email contains an auto-generated meeting summary tailored for each meeting individually.

To edit the AI summary email for a particular meeting, go to the 'Minute' tab of the corresponding meeting page.

7. Add your own unique signature at the end of each email.

Which plans have access to Branded emails?

  • MeetGeek Enterprise plan users have Branded emails activated by default.

  • Pro and Business plan users can add it for an additional cost of $15/mo/per user or $12/mo/per user if subscribe to the yearly plan.

Add Branded emails to your MeetGeek subscription by visiting Settings -> Branding tab.

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