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HubSpot quickstart guide
HubSpot quickstart guide

How to automatically connect your meetings to the right deals, companies, and contacts in HubSpot.

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With integrations, MeetGeek can automatically connect to your HubSpot account, allowing you to automatically link calls to the correct contact, company, and deal in your CRM.

Create a HubSpot connection in MeetGeek

In the MeetGeek dashboard go to the Integrations page and click the "Connect" button on the HubSpot card.

You will be taken to a window in HubSpot where you can grant MeetGeek access to HubSpot.

Click the "Choose Account" button and MeetGeek will integrate with your HubSpot account. You will then be taken back to the MeetGeek Integrations page.

You are now able to link your call recordings to your HubSpot account. You have two options: you can do this manually for each meeting, or you can automate the syncing of every sales call with the CRM with the help of workflows. Let’s review both options.

- Sync individual meeting with HubSpot

Let's imagine that you just had a call with a prospect and need to save that record in your CRM of choice, which in our case is Hubspot.

To do this, go to the meeting page of that particular meeting and click the “Share meeting” button.

As you have already connected HubSpot during the first step, you will now see its icon in the list of apps. Click on the icon. You will be offered to choose the HubSpot space.

Once you’ve done that, the meeting summary will be immediately linked to the deal with the associated email. If the contact with this email doesn't exist in your HubSpot account, a new deal with the meeting assets will be created.

- Create an automated workflow to share your meetings with HubSpot

With MeetGeek, you can easily automate the process of syncing all your sales meetings with your HubSpot CRM.

To do this, head to the Workflows page in the MeetGeek dashboard.

Then click Add to create a workflow.

By selecting “Meeting” or “Highlight” in the “Given A” dropdown you can decide whether to send the whole meeting or just the highlights to your HubSpot account.

You can then set the “To” field to “HubSpot” and select the hub you would like o to connect to.

That’s it! Click Save Rules and you’ll automatically see your next MeetGeek meeting synchronized in your HubSpot account.

Note: MeetGeek automatically looks for existing deals, contacts, and companies in your HubSpot CRM. If they don't exist it will create them automatically. You can control this behavior using the advanced options on your Workflows page.

Below is an example of a deal created automatically with the associated company and contacts. The deal has a meeting entry, which captures the meeting summary and highlights.

Below is an example of capturing customer concerns (MeetGeek highlights) in HubSpot notes.

 Capturing customer concern in HubSpot notes.

Note: MeetGeek automatically detects for you the customers and teammates in your meetings. This is done based on the email addresses of the meeting invitees. There are cases when deals and contacts are not synchronized in case invitees have non-business email addresses (e.g. Gmail / Yahoo or similar).

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