How to automatically connect your meetings to the right deals, companies, and contacts in HubSpot.

With integrations, MeetGeek can automatically connect to your HubSpot account, allowing you to automatically link calls to the correct contact, company, and deal in your CRM

Step 1: Create a HubSpot connection in MeetGeek

In the MeetGeek dashboard go to the Integrations page and click the "Connect" button next to the HubSpot integration option.

Step 2. Grant MeetGeek Access in HubSpot

After you click the "Connect" button you will be taken to a screen in HubSpot where you can grant MeetGeek access to HubSpot.

Choose your account and click on the "Choose Account" button and MeetGeek will integrate with your HubSpot account. You will then be taken back to the MeetGeek Integrations page.

You're now ready to automatically connect your leads.

Step 3. Create a HubSpot Workflow to Trigger calls

MeetGeek can now sync your meetings and highlights directly to the appropriate contact in your HubSpot CRM.

To do this, head to the “workflows” tab in the MeetGeek dashboard.

Then click “+Add” to create a workflow. By selecting “Meeting” or “Highlight” in the “Given A” dropdown you can decide whether to send the whole meeting or just the highlights to your HubSpot account.

You can then set the “To” field to “HubSpot” and select the hub you would like o to connect to.

That’s it!

Once you’re done click save rules and you’ll automatically see your MeetGeek meetings in the appropriate HubSpot account.

If you would like to see a video of this tutorial: Click Here

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