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How to integrate with MeetGeek

In this article, we'll go over the steps for integrating MeetGeek with, a project management software.

Through this integration, you will be able to sync meeting transcripts, summaries, and highlights (e.g. tasks) directly to your workspace.

How to integrate with MeetGeek

Important: before integrating with MeetGeek, your administrator has to install the MeetGeek application by clicking here

Go to the Integrations page and press on the card.

You will be taken to a screen on where you should grant MeetGeek access to whatever workspace you want to sync.

Choose your account and click on the "Authorize" button and MeetGeek will integrate with your account. You will then be taken back to the MeetGeek Integrations page.

It means that you successfully enabled the integration of with your MeetGeek account. You're now ready to connect your meetings.

Default settings

In the MeetGeek dashboard go to the Integrations page and on the four dots in the upper-right corner. There you will find the "Settings" button. That button will open a window with all the settings, as you can see in the following screenshot.

Important: These settings will serve as the default settings for your account. This means that your workflows or in-meeting settings will be pre-filled with these values. However, you can still override the default settings if needed before sharing the meeting with We will review that later in the article.

How to update with a past meeting

For example, let's imagine you are a Sales Manager and you want to create a board that includes summaries of every sales call made by your team.

In order to sync a past sales call with your board, go to the meeting page of that particular call and navigate to the “Share meeting” button. From there, select logo and click on it.

You will be prompted to select the board and group to which you want to add the meeting summary. As mentioned earlier, you will see the default settings that you set up during the first step of and MeetGeek setup, but you can change them if needed.

Click "Send" and the meeting summary will immediately appear on your board:

If you want to share just certain highlights from the meeting (e.g. tasks and action items), you can do that by selecting them from the "Highlights" section of your meeting page.

Then, select the logo and choose the board and group where you want to send the summary. Fill in the fields and the highlights will be sent immediately to the selected board and group in your account.

How to automatically update with all meetings

Now, let's review how to automatically connect every meeting with your tool, saving you hours of manual work each week. Let’s proceed with the creation of an automated workflow.

Note: Automated workflows are available for users on Pro and higher subscription plans. Review here.

To proceed with the creation of an automated rule, head to the Workflows page in your MeetGeek account.

Then click Create new workflow to create a workflow.

Set the “Send to” field to “Monday” and ALL the "Mandatory options".

By selecting “Meeting” or “Highlight” in the “Given A” dropdown you can decide whether to send the whole meeting or just the highlights (e.g. "Tasks") to your account.

Note: In order to sync your meeting, MeetGeek needs to know in which board and in which group to send. For that, you have to select all the settings, from Boards to Groups. A valid workflow must have all these fields set.

That’s it! Click Save workflow and you’ll automatically see your next MeetGeek meetings or highlights synchronized in your account.

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