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Product Updates July 2023
Product Updates July 2023

What's New in July '23: Releases, Updates, and News

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We're excited to announce that we've added several exciting new features for you this month!

[EARLY ACCESS] Detecting tasks from your conversation

MeetGeek can now detect not only important points, facts, and concerns in conversations, but also tasks!

How does it work? MeetGeek analyzes your meetings and automatically highlights parts of the conversation with a 'Task' label, allowing you to quickly review your to-do's right after the call. The next steps (aka, tasks) are also grouped and sent via meeting summary email to the participants.

AI Meeting Minutes by MeetGeek

*The feature is currently available to a close group of early testers.

Referral program

Join the new MeetGeek referral program and earn the easy way. Share your referral link directly from your MeetGeek account. Recommend your friends to MeetGeek and earn a 25% lifetime commission for each subscription.

Improved accuracy

Last month, our team worked hard to update the algorithms and improve the accuracy of transcription and summarization for meetings in English. It's now even better, and we are continuously striving to improve, so we welcome any feedback from you.

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