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Product Updates December 2023
Product Updates December 2023

What's New in December '23: Releases, Updates, and News

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Let's review this month's release notes!

Mobile App in Beta for Android

We are excited to announce that our mobile app is now in beta for Android users!

With the new app, you can record, transcribe, and analyze in-person conversations. Thus make sure that you have a record of both online and offline meetings available in one place. The app supports over 30 languages.

Stay tuned for the full Android version and the iOS app, which will be released early next year!

Updated: Past Meeting page

The Past Meetings page has gone through a massive makeover, making it an even more flexible and interactive space for you and your team's meeting library.

With this update, you can now create folders to categorize your calls, add tags for easy navigation, share recordings with a single click, and re-analyze transcribed calls to adjust the language or meeting template.

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Speaker Separation for Uploads

Enhance the clarity of your transcripts by leveraging our new speaker separation update for uploaded content. This ensures a more precise record of who said what, making your transcripts even more useful and accessible.

Custom Dictionary for Non-English languages

For our multilingual users, we are excited to announce that our Custom Dictionary feature now supports more than 30 languages. You can enhance the accuracy of transcripts and summaries in non-English languages by adding industry-specific jargon or terminology to the dictionary.

Note: the Custom Dictionary can be found under the Meeting Templates tab and can be customized for each template individually.

Updated Referral Program

Our community is the heart of MeetGeek, and we want to show our appreciation for your support. Introducing an updated referral program with exciting incentives for those who help us grow.

Refer a friend and gain $50 for every customer! You can find your personalized referral link in your MeetGeek account from the left-side menu or by clicking on the purple 'gift' icon.

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