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Product Updates May 2023
Product Updates May 2023

What's New in May '23: Releases, Updates, and News

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Today we’ve got plenty of goodies for you - new meeting page UX, custom bot name, meeting sharing preferences, workflow logs, and more! Let’s review them all:

New Meeting page UX

Welcome to the new meeting page experience that is now faster and simpler! While there is a lot of backend work behind this update, there are some visual changes for you:

  • copy, share, or delete highlights directly from the transcription view.

  • create custom tags for new highlights with just one click.

  • add & edit speakers’ names (for both past and uploaded meetings)

AI Meeting Minutes by MeetGeek

Highlight management

As part of the new meeting page view, you can now easily share highlights from the timeline in bulk. To do this, select multiple highlights by clicking inside the circle, and then push them together to other tools you use, such as Notion, Slack, Zapier, and more.

notion meetgeek integration

MeetGeek Bot(?) Last Name

We understand that the word "bot" can sometimes have negative connotations. So now you can customize the last name of MeetGeek in your meetings. Select MeetGeek's preferred title in the Account Settings, by choosing from Bot, Notetaker, VA, or Assistant.

Meeting sharing preferences

Once the meeting has ended, you now have a single general link that you can use to share it with others. Control the access rules to the meeting assets directly from the meeting page, limiting them to private (only visible to you), restricted (visible to you and the participants of the call), or public (visible to anyone with the link).

notion meetgeek integration

Note: Meeting sharing rules are available with the Pro plan or higher.

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Workflow logs

Workflows help you to automatically share meeting highlights and summaries to other tools you use. To ensure that the rules are triggered properly and on time, we have added Workflow logs. Now you can easily double-check that your workflow rules are triggering properly.

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