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This article provides guidance on the usage of the MeetGeek mobile app.

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Note: Currently, MeetGeek offers a single official mobile app, available for Android devices. While we can't provide an exact ETA, a mobile app for iOS devices is in development.

Install MeetGeek mobile app

  • To begin using the mobile app, first, visit the Google Play Store and download the MeetGeek app.

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  • Open the app and sign in (if you already have a MeetGeek account)/ sign up with your Google or Microsoft account.

MeetGeek for recording in-person conversations

MeetGeek enables you to record offline conversations, which is particularly beneficial for cases such as capturing discussions with a partner at an offline event, like an industry conference, or recording your in-person team meetings.

  • To Record an in-person conversation, click on the microphone icon.

  • Make sure to choose the language of your conversation and the template (if needed).

  • Press the Record button.
    ​If you're using the app for the first time, it will request permission to record audio. Please enable this option to proceed with the recording.

  • Once enabled, the recording starts.
    Press Stop to finish the recording.

  • Resume the recording if necessary, or click "Analyze" to send the audio for transcription, transforming speech into text and generating an AI summary of the conversation.

  • The file will appear in the "uploaded records" tab on your mobile app and in your MeetGeek desktop account.

How to manage your past meetings and recordings

  • To access your past meeting recordings, click on the folder icon. It will bring you to all the recorded and shared meetings you have in your desktop MeetGeek account.

  • Click on the meeting to skim through the summary, view meeting highlights, or read the entire transcript.

  • The mobile app provides quick access to sharing functionality. Click on the 'arrows' icon to open the sharing menu and manage it from there.

How to manage your upcoming meetings with the mobile app

  • Click on the calendar icon to access the page displaying your upcoming scheduled meetings from your calendar.

  • From this page, you can:

    - Quickly skim through your upcoming meetings

    - Toggle on/off the settings for the MeetGeek Notetaker to join the meeting or not

    - Change the language or select a different template for the meeting.

How to add MeetGeek to a live meeting from the app

  • Navigate to the upload icon in the app and select the 'Invite bot to meeting' tab.

  • Proceed with one of the following methods:

a) Enter the meeting link in the upper field and click on Invite bot.

b) Or click on the 'Copy Email' button and send an email to the copied address to invite the Notetaker to join you.

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