To set up Meetgeek quickly just follow the below steps (prerequisites).

Step 1. Signup

On the page signup with your Google or Outlook account.

Step 2. Link your Zoom / Microsoft Teams account

On the setup page, choose between Zoom (details in this guide), Microsoft Teams (details here), or Google Meet (details here).

Tip: Alternatively, you can upload a sample media file or check the demo meeting where Sam goes through the features and benefits of Meetgeek.

Step 3. Host an online meeting

Zoom. During the meeting, you'll notice the live notification on the top-left screen which indicates Meetgeek is active.

Microsoft Teams. You'll notice a bot joining as a participant and recording the call silently.

Step 4. Check the results

Soon after the call ends, you'll receive an email with the link to the meeting output.

Step 5 (Optional) . Start sharing!

Your team will love it if you make some of your meetings optional! Share a summary or specific highlights. Check how sharing works in this article.

That's it! Check out more tips on


Here is what you need to use Meetgeek for your calls (last updated 30.03.2022).


You need a: a) A licensed user (paid Zoom) or b) A basic user (free) part of an organization that has a licensed user

Microsoft Teams

Anyone who meets the following criteria can start or stop a recording, even if the meeting organizer isn't present.

  • Has one of the following licenses: Office 365 Enterprise E1, E3, E5, F3, A1, A3, A5, M365 Business, Business Premium, or Business Essentials.

  • Has recording enabled by an IT admin.

  • Isn't a guest or from another organization.

Google Meet

Any user with a Google Calendar integration.


Upload a previous recording from any conferencing software.

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