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Product Updates September 22
Product Updates September 22
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Like always, we're busy listening to you and rolling out improvements. So here we are, coming back with a new set of updates!

Custom bot naming
Now you can rename your bot from Settings->Meeting Assistant. By default, it has your name embedded, e.g. "First name's Meetgeek Notetaker". Change it to reflect your style and brand!

Host vs non-host meetings
You can now set Meetgeek to join only the meetings that you host. Go to Settings->Meeting Assistant or Upcoming meetings to adjust your preferences.

Sign-up and calendars
Although we encourage connecting your calendar for the full automated experience, it's no longer mandatory to share calendar permissions. You can keep your calendar private and use Meetgeek for ad-hoc meetings only. On the flip side, if you're using both Google and Outlook calendars, you can now connect them to the same Meetgeek account.

HubSpot Integration
You can now push meeting recordings and highlights automatically to your HubSpot deals. Highlights are pushed to the notes tab of your deals. If you have a highlight defined as "Task", it will be pushed as HubSpot tasks and linked to the appropriate deal. Meetgeek will update existing deals and contacts or create deals automatically for you if they don't exist.

What's next?
There's a lot coming soon. Check our public roadmap and upvote your favorites.

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