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How to control which meetings Meetgeek joins
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By default, Meetgeek joins all your scheduled Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom calls found in your calendar. In addition to the meetings you host, Meetgeek also automatically joins meetings where you are not the host. Please note that, in many cases, the bot still needs to be admitted into the call by the organizer.

There are two mechanisms in which Meetgeek can be instructed to automatically join your meetings:

  • based on the conference tool

  • based on the host of the meeting, as stated in the calendar event


The bot automatically joins a meeting on your behalf if you have an active account in Meetgeek and the following join conditions are met:

  • The conference platform is enabled

  • The host control condition options are enabled:

    • Join all calendar events with a web-conf link - Meetgeek records all the events from your calendar, even the ones not hosted by you

    • Join only calendar events that I host - Meetgeek records only the events from your calendar hosted by you

Custom summaries with multiple bots

Multiple bots can join a meeting if there are multiple attendees who have Meetgeek installed and their default join setting is set to register all the calendar events. The advantage of having multiple bots in the same meeting is that each Meetgeek user who attended the meeting receives his own custom summary (and full control over the output in Meetgeek).

Note: You can change the name of the bots in order to differentiate between multiple Meetgeek bots during the same meeting.

Organization settings

If you are not interested to have different summaries of the meeting for the people in your organization, the join-by-host control should be set to "Join only calendar events that I host" for all the people in the organization. Only one bot joins the meeting on behalf of the host. If the host has enabled automatic sharing with the attendees, all the meeting attendees receive access to the same copy of the meeting in Meetgeek.

Change the default join settings

You can review the default settings for joining meetings by going on the Settings page, Meeting Assistant tab.

Bot name

The possibility to change the name of the bot is available only on Business Plan. The default value is the name of the owner followed by "Meetgeek Notetaker".

Joining meetings held on a specific conference platform

You can choose which of the conferencing software meetings to join by checking or unchecking the boxes under each listed conference platform.

Joining non-host meetings

You can choose if you want Meetgeek to join only the calendar meetings hosted by you by selecting the below option from the dropdown.

Note: Any change will be applied to all your future meetings, overwriting any custom join settings you have previously set to a particular upcoming meeting. Live meetings which started before the change will not be affected.

Joining ad-hoc meetings

Meetgeek can join any ad-hoc meeting. For example, an ad-hoc meeting is any meeting that was not previously scheduled in your Calendar. You can:

  • Use the input form on the Upcoming meetings page to paste a link to the call

  • Send a calendar invitation to [email protected]

  • Send an email with the join link in the email body to [email protected]

Joining a particular meeting

Sometimes you may want to stop Meetgeek from joining a particular upcoming meeting. You can do this without modifying the general settings by going to the Upcoming meetings page and disabling the toggle associated with your meeting.

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