In this guide, we describe how to manage which of your meetings Meetgeek will join.

  1. Enable conference integration

  2. Default join settings

  3. Custom join settings

Enable conference integration

In order for Meetgeek to join and record your calls, you must have at least one Conference tool integration active. If you don't meet this condition yet, you will see a banner at the bottom of the page.

The "Sync now" link will redirect you to the setup page, where you can choose which Conference tool you want to connect in Meetgeek. Alternatively, you can access the Settings page for managing integrations.

Check out the articles below for more details on how to enable each Conference tool:

Default join settings

By default, Meetgeek will join all your scheduled Microsoft Teams calls and all your scheduled and instant Zoom calls. You can review the default settings for joining Zoom meetings `by going to the Settings page, Zoom options tab. An ad-hoc meeting is an instant Zoom meeting, which was not previously scheduled in your Calendar. A scheduled Zoom meeting is any other Zoom meeting, which can be found in your Calendar.

Note: Any change to the Zoom options settings will be applied to all your future meetings, overwriting any custom join settings you have previously set to a particular upcoming meeting. Live meetings which were started before the change will not be affected.

Custom join settings

Sometimes you may want to stop Meetgeek from joining a particular upcoming meeting. You can configure the join settings with meeting granularity from the Upcoming meetings page. The toggle near each meeting indicates the join setting state for that specific meeting.

Note: A greyed-out toggle means you are not the host of the meeting, therefore you cannot change the meeting settings.

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