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Meeting Recording Disclaimers [15 Templates]
Meeting Recording Disclaimers [15 Templates]

Introduce MeetGeek Notetaker to other participants of the meeting with these short disclaimer templates.

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A meeting recording disclaimer is a brief notice that informs attendees that the call they are participating in will be recorded.

We recommend using disclaimers during all virtual meetings to ensure that other participants are aware of the recording and do not object to it.

Note: By default, MeetGeek displays a chat notification to participants informing them that the meeting is being recorded. However, we still recommend using disclaimers to ensure that everyone on the call feels comfortable.

If this is your first time joining a call with a virtual assistant and you are unsure how to inform other attendees about the recording, we have prepared 15 templates that you can use immediately:

  1. Thanks for joining the call! I'm accompanied by my virtual assistant today. It will remember everything for me and help me stay engaged in our conversation.

  2. Oh, by the way. Our bot will be taking notes during this call to help us make sure we don't miss any important details. Is that okay?

  3. Hey there, just wanted to let you know that we're recording this call using MeetGeek bot. It's just to make sure we all have a meeting summary and action plan after our call.

  4. Just a heads up that we're recording this call with our bot to ensure we don't miss anything important. I can pause it any time if you want to discuss smth off the record.

  5. Hi everyone. I have a notetaker bot with me on this call. It will record and transcribe our call, letting our conversation flow instead of me furiously taking notes.

  6. Before we begin, I want to let you know that we'll be recording and transcribing this call with our AI bot. This way, we can refer back to our conversation later and make sure we're all on the same page.

  7. I anticipate a very engaging discussion. To make sure we don’t forget anything, we’ll be recording this meeting with our bot. If you’d like, I will share the transcript with you after the call as well.

  8. Good day, everyone. Before we begin, please note that this meeting will be recorded and transcribed using our AI bot. This is to ensure we have an accurate record of our discussion. If anyone has any concerns about being recorded, please let us know.

  9. Hello, everyone. Just a quick note that we will be recording this session with our bot to ensure we capture all of the great ideas that come up. If you have any concerns about the recording, please let me know.

  10. Hi there! Before we get started, I want to let you know that we're recording this meeting to make life easier for everyone. So, feel free to participate fully while bot captures all the juicy details and shares them with us after the call.

  11. Hey everyone, before we begin, I want to let you know that I’m using MeetGeek Notetaker to record this meeting. Thus I can ensure that our {support/customer success/dev/account/etc} team has all the details to address your case.

  12. You may notice a {third} participant in our meeting room; it's my note-taking bot. Its role is to free me from my intense desire to capture every detail of the conversation. The bot records our call for me so that I can fully engage in our discussion.

  13. I hope you don’t mind me joining the call with my note-taking bot. It will record and transcribe our call, so I can reference back to our discussion for key details.

  14. Hi everyone! I would like to introduce my virtual assistant, who will record and transcribe our meeting. The transcript will be used for internal purposes only to ensure that we deliver on the agreements we discuss. Is that okay with everyone?

  15. Before we start, I'd like to mention that this meeting is being recorded by my virtual assistant. It guarantees that we all have an immediate summary after the call and are aligned with our further steps.

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