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Manage your team and multiple licenses
Manage your team and multiple licenses

Manage licenses for your company

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If you need to manage licenses for team members of your company, follow the below steps:

  1. In your MeetGeek account, go to the ‘Plans’ page.

  2. Choose the necessary amount of licenses and click ‘Buy’ next to the plan you need.

  3. You will be redirected to the billing Portal, where you can proceed with the checkout.

  4. After the payment confirmation, go to your User Management page in your MeetGeek account. Invite team members using their email and assign licenses you previously purchased to their accounts.

Note: You can enable the Pay-as-you-go option to your MeetGeek accounts. This means if team members exceed the recording hour limit available on their plan, the recording & transcription won’t stop. You will be charged $0.5 for every additional hour and invoiced at the end of the billing cycle.

5. After you assign licenses to the invited users, their Plan page will change and look similar to the screenshot below. They won't be able to change licenses, and you will act as an administrator.

6. Invoices

We send a consolidated invoice to your email for each payment, and you can always access and download invoice history from the billing portal.

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