If you need to manage licenses for the company follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Admin -> Plans

  2. In case you don't have an active subscription, please subscribe to one of the available plans

3. In case you already have an active subscription click on "Manage Billing"

4. From the Stripe Portal, near your plan, click to update the quantity.

5. Add the number of licenses you would like to buy for the team and confirm payment.

6. Go back to Meetgeek Plans and you should see your admin page where you can assign licenses to your colleagues, and track their usage. If you want to add more or remove licenses, go back to the portal using the "Manage Billing" link.

7. Once you assign licenses to colleagues, their Plan page will change and will look like the below. They won't be able to change licenses and you will act as an administrator.

8. Invoices

We send a consolidated invoice to your email for each payment, but you can always access and download invoice history from the billing portal.

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