Individual meeting insights

Individual meeting insights

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You might think you have perfect meetings. Or you might realize that your meetings are inefficient but don't know where to start.

What makes an efficient meeting? There is no silver bullet. Instead, there are many small things you need to take care of. You might be able to manage all of them, but doing it consistently over time requires significant effort.

Meetgeek helps you to keep track of every aspect as it analyses each meeting for different metrics (we call them KPIs- Key Performance Indicators), so you can get relevant data to understand where your blind spots are and how to improve.

When you open the insights tab from a meeting page, you'll get the below information.

On the top right, you have a word cloud describing the most important words and frequency in a meeting. This gives you a quick glance at what the meeting was about.

On the top left, you have an overall score which is computed based on all the KPIs listed underneath. Watch for the color codes: green means OK, yellow is a warning, red is a danger zone.

Next, come the strengths and improvement opportunities and each KPI has a different meaningful scoring method. Again, color codes matter: green means OK, yellow is a warning, red is a danger zone.

Each KPI has a formula and a "See Tips" button for a detailed explanation of the impact that it has on your meetings.

We are rolling new KPIs as we speak and this list is constantly updated. Do you have ideas for a new KPI? Contact us and we'll be happy to implement it.

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