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Product Updates May 2024
Product Updates May 2024

What's New in May '24: Releases, Updates, and News

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We're excited to share the rollout of our latest updates designed to enhance your experience during and after your meetings.

Updated: Meeting Chat Assistant

AI Meeting Minutes by MeetGeek

We’ve added new features to our Meeting Chat Assistant and enhanced control over our Slack bot for an even better experience.

You can use slash commands to start new chats with fresh context, send private messages, or ask the assistant to learn a particular meeting.

Type /mg help to display the list of available commands.

Updated: MeetGeek Android app

Google Play Badges – Google

We’ve significantly upgraded our Android app for a smoother, more seamless experience. Now, you can:

  • Record face-to-face conversations even in the background or with a locked screen.

  • Effortlessly navigate meeting transcripts by clicking on highlights.

  • Save recordings directly to your device for easy access.

Update your app today to enjoy these latest improvements.

Timestamps in meeting summary emails

AI Meeting Minutes by MeetGeek

We’ve added timestamps to our meeting summary emails, making it easier to refer back to key moments and decisions.

This new feature is ideal for those needing to quickly catch up or reference specific parts of a discussion.

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