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Product Updates October 2023
Product Updates October 2023

What's New in October '23: Releases, Updates, and News

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The October release is all about personalization, tailored experience, and making your meetings more efficient. Let's take a look at all the latest product news and updates from this month.

Meeting summaries & highlights in 20+ languages

Language should never be a barrier to getting the insights and outcomes out of your meetings. We are glad to announce that MeetGeek now supports 20+ languages for AI summaries, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Arabic & more*. This means that regardless of the language used in your meeting, you will automatically receive AI summaries, highlights, and action items after every call.

Improved meeting summary for the English language

A minor but important update is that we have released an improved version of your English-based meeting summaries and your account has been automatically switched to the new version while keeping your previously-defined keyword-based highlights in place.

AI Meeting Templates

Introducing Personalized AI Meeting Templates is a game-changer that allows you to tailor your meeting summaries to your meeting type.

AI Meeting Minutes by MeetGeek

Here's what it means for you:

  • More meeting templates coming soon! So you can choose the one that suits your meeting type and get a personalized summary and highlights

  • The default general meeting template now supports multiple languages. Basic and Pro plan users can edit it and add custom AI highlights.

  • Business plan users and above can also create personalised AI meeting templates, while defining custom highlights and KPIs for each call type.

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