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Product Updates November 2022 User Interface
Product Updates November 2022 User Interface
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I'm excited to share with you the latest user interface updates for Meetgeek.

These updates are already available for your past meetings! Don't forget to force a full refresh of your browser to see the changes properly!

New views for the meeting page
We added two new views to use on your meeting page.

Video First View (video top, text bottom)

Side-by-side view (video left, text right)

We changed the default view to a video-first view. It's easy to switch between them and choose your preferred default.

New Meeting Timeline

Introducing the new meeting timeline which breaks the meeting into smaller chunks with highlights and associated sentiment. Clicking on any of them will scroll the transcript to the respective section.

Improved navigation and searching

A new navigation menu is available making it easy to switch between full transcript and summary. It includes a new search bar that can be used to look for words and navigate meeting content more quicker.

Audience-based meeting view

You're now able to define audience-based rules for viewing and sharing meeting content. Your audience is automatically segmented into colleagues, customers, and public viewers.

  1. Audience-based meeting view -> Use this to decide what each audience segment can see. For example, you can keep the summary and notes for internal use and hide them from your customers. You can also change the default layout your colleagues or customers can see. Full control and customization for your needs!

2. Audience-based meeting sharing - You can customize your meeting summary email to share a private or public link to the meeting. Sharing a public link will allow your colleagues or customers to view the recording without the need to log in.

What's next?
There's a lot coming soon. Check our public roadmap and upvote your favorites.

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