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Product Updates August 2022
Product Updates August 2022
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Zoom Bot instead of live-streaming. Works with free Zoom accounts
Instead of live-streaming the meeting, Zoom joins as a participant in the call. Moreover, there is no need to install the Zoom app or have a paid Zoom account. Just set up your calendar and you're good to go.

Teams Bot with video recording. No admin consent required
Now you can use Meetgeek to automatically record MS Teams meetings with video included. No need to install or grant any Microsoft permissions, nor any admin consent. For the moment you just need a business account. Personal accounts will be supported later on

Joining non-host meetings
Now Meetgeek will automatically join meetings where you are not the host. Please note that, in many cases, the bot still needs to be admitted into the call by the organizer.

Joining ad-hoc meetings
Meetgeek now joins any ad-hoc meeting. You can:

  • Send an email invitation to [email protected] with the conference link

  • Use the input form on the Upcoming meetings page to paste a link to the call.

  • Start an existing live meeting on the Upcoming Meetings page

Google Meet is out of beta
Google Meet is out of beta with all the functionalities described above.

Meeting output is available faster
We've worked on optimizing the duration of the meeting post-processing so that you receive the notes of the meeting faster.

Joins all calendar events with seamless sync in the background
You only need to link your calendar. Meetgeek will join any Zoom, Google Meet, or MS teams meetings. Also, previously you needed to manually sync meetings if there was a meeting scheduled for the same day. Now any changes in the calendar are applied instantly and there is no need to sync manually. Available for Google Calendar now and very soon for Outlook.

Additional fixes
- In some cases, there were issues with merging separate recordings into the same meeting, in case sequential stop and start commands were used.
- By default, the meeting page now shows the transcript view.

What's next?
Building on this core experience, there's a lot coming soon. Here is a sneak preview:

  • New meeting page UI with different views (transcript-first, video-first, side-by-side)

  • Customizable meeting page views depending on the audience (internal vs customer)

  • Upgrade for teams management

  • Custom Branding

  • Meeting Timeline & contextual comments

  • Native Integrations (HubSpot, Pipedrive, Notion, GreenHouse, etc.)

  • Workspaces & folders

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