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Product Updates May 2022
Product Updates May 2022
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We're back with a couple of exciting product updates. 🎁

Google Meet (Beta)

Here is how to set it up:

1. Go to Setup or Settings->Integrations and connect your Google Meet integration. Meetgeek will join the Google Meet meetings scheduled in your Google Calendar where you are a host (for now).

2. The bot enters as a participant and sends a message on the chat when starting to record the meeting. It will wait in the lobby until it is admitted into the call.

3. After the meeting ends, you will receive an email with the summary of the call.

Transcription editor and contextual boost words

Click on any word in the transcript view and edit accordingly. Saving is automatic. You can select words and add them to your boost list, to improve the accuracy of the transcript over time.

Exporting in word format, downloading video & captions

Now you have more options to download the content produced by Meetgeek, exporting the transcript in MS Word format, or retrieving the video (mp4) and generated captions.

Editing, deleting, or archiving meetings

Now you can use the meeting preview pane from the Past Meetings page to rename meetings, clean your view by deleting & archiving unwanted meetings or marking meetings as private.

We're excited to share these updates and hear your feedback on these new superpowers.

Stay tuned for more juicy updates!

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