Last month we released some cool features regarding video snippets and highlights that you can check here.

We promised to launch regularly, so I am back with a couple of surprises. 🎁

Speaker tags for Zoom calls

A vital piece of the Meetgeek experience for Zoom was the ability to detect speakers automatically.

The speaker tag is now available (in real-time), making it easier to find out who said what from your Zoom calls and separate content by each participant.

To fully enable it, just login in Meetgeek again and authorize the requested Zoom permissions.

Push content where your work gets done!

In addition to Google Drive, we've added support for Slack and Trello.

Now it's easy to share highlights (video & text) to Slack channels or create contextual Trello cards.

More integrations (like HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Jira etc.) are on the way.

Automated Workflows πŸ€–

We're very excited to introduce this powerful feature.

The concept is simple: define your own rules to push meeting content or highlights automatically to wherever you get your work done.

For example, I have one rule below that automatically creates a Trello card for each discovery call with "and Meetgeek Team" in the meeting subject.

And this is how the Trello card looks like:

This way I can easily access the conversation and have the full context at one click distance.

A 2nd rule pushes highlights mentioning Google Meet automatically into a dedicated Slack channel:

and this is how the Slack message looks like:

This way, all my Google Meet mentions are shared on a Slack channel where engineers working on the Google Meet integration can watch the video snippets and understand how the solution should be built.

Happy to have your feedback on the new stuff! πŸ’ͺ

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