In this guide, we describe the steps to integrate your Microsoft Teams account with Meetgeek. This means that Meetgeek will join the MS teams calls that you host, providing you automatically with the recording, transcript, and meeting highlights.

  1. How to integrate your Microsoft Teams account

  2. How to use Microsoft Teams integration

  3. Troubleshooting

  4. Uninstall Microsoft Teams

  5. Admin consent

How to integrate your Microsoft Teams account

1. Go to, log in with Outlook and grant Meetgeek the necessary permissions to access your calendar events.

2. After login you are redirected to the main setup page. Locate the MS Teams option and click on it to connect.

If you have navigated away from the setup page you can reach it by clicking on the main Meetgeek logo located on the top of the left side menu.

Note: You can also navigate to the Integrations page where you can manage all your integrations including Microsoft Teams.

3. After clicking on Connect, you will be redirected to authenticate with your Microsoft Teams credentials and grant Meetgeek the necessary permissions to join your calls and access your meeting metadata.

4'. After you grant Meetgeek the permissions to access your online meetings, you will be redirected to permissions that require admin consent in order for the Meetgeek Bot to be able to enter your calls and start recording them. If you are one of the admins of your Microsoft Tenant Account, you can grant the listed permissions.

4''. If you are not one of the admins, you can send a request to the admin asking him to grant the necessary permissions. The admin will be notified via email or directly in the Azure Active Directory, depending on the custom configurations applied to your Microsoft Tenant Account. Once the admin grants the permissions, Meetgeek Bot will start joining your Microsoft Teams meetings.

Note: Check out in detail the admin consent flow in the below section "Admin Consent".

5. In your next Microsoft Teams meeting, Meetgeek will join as a participant and record the call. Participants will be informed by the Meetgeek Bot saying that "The call is being recorded" at the beginning of the call. At the end of the meeting, you will receive an email with links to the meeting outcome like below.

Here you will find the summary of the meeting with highlights extracted by Meetgeek, the full transcript, the full video, and audio of the call.

That's it! Your setup is done. Read through the article further to learn more.

How to use the Microsoft Teams integration

After the initial setup is performed you can use the integration in multiple ways.

Search through Microsoft Teams meetings

On the "Past meeting" page you can see an aggregated view of your meetings including the ones scheduled using your Microsoft Teams account. You can search for specific words in all of the Microsoft Teams meetings you attended, those where you could not participate or others shared by your team.

Upcoming meetings

Use the toggle-switch to instruct the assistant to skip joining specific meetings. By default, the assistant will join all of your Microsoft Teams scheduled meetings.

Click on the flag icon in order to change the language that will be used by Meetgeek to transcribe the call.


I can't see my Microsoft Teams meeting details

The Microsoft Teams integration should work out of the box. However, if you can't find your Microsoft Teams meetings at all try checking the below steps.

  1. Ensure you have properly connected your Microsoft Teams account by following the steps described at the beginning of this section

  2. Try out the "Sync meetings" button on the "Upcoming" page

  3. Make sure your admin has granted you the consent to accept the user-managed permissions required for Meetgeek to access your online meetings. By default, this option should be enabled but there are organizations that might block this option on purpose.

    Ask your admin to check the configurations in the Azure Active Directory -> Enterprise Applications -> Consent and Permissions

    If the first option is selected then the admin must grant the permissions for you.

    If the second option is selected then check the Permission Classification list. Meetgeek requires the following permissions to be classified as low impact:

    If one permission is missing from the list, the admin can either add it to the list or manually grant the permission for Meetgeek on your Microsoft account.

    After this, you should be able to grant the requested permissions so that Meetgeek will have access to the events in your calendar and the online meetings.

Meetgeek Bot did not join my Microsoft Teams meeting

Verify that your admin has given consent for the admin-managed permissions required by Meetgeek Bot in order to be able to join calls hosted by somebody in your organization.

Ask your admin to review the permissions in the Azure Active Directory -> Enterprise Applications:

  • MeetgeekAI-Prod (which should have the right permissions to access the events in your calendar and the details of the online meetings)

  • Meetgeek Teams Bot (which has the right to join and record the meetings hosted in your organization)

Your meeting will be transcribed if the Meetgeek Bot joins the Microsoft Teams Meeting and remains a participant during the call.

Note: An audio notification stating that the call is being recorded means that Meetgeek started transcribing your call.

In case you are still experiencing issues we are happy to assist you. Kindly use the chat box in the right bottom corner of the page to reach us and a member of our team will contact you.

Uninstall Microsoft Teams

If you would like to uninstall Microsoft Teams integration then kindly check the guide at this link.

Admin Consent

Based on your role in the organization, the admin consent flow will be different:

User with admin role

After opening the admin consent link, you will be redirected to the following page where you will need to accept the displayed permissions for your tenant:

After 10-20 minutes from accepting the permissions, the app can be used.

User without admin role

Based on the organization configuration, you can:

  1. Contact the admin personally - you will need to manually send the admin consent link to your admin.

  2. Use the Microsoft Identity platform to request approval from the admin

For Microsoft Identity platform, the approval required message appears. You will need to write a justification for needing access to the app, and then select request approval.

A Request sent message confirms that the request was submitted to the admin. If the user sends several requests, only the first request is submitted to the admin.

The user receives an email notification when their request is approved, denied, or blocked.

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