We're back with lots of goodies!

Now you have full control of meeting highlights and can reuse meeting content to cut down some redundant meetings. πŸ’ͺ

Read below to learn more.

Transcript clipping and custom highlights

It's now possible to select parts of the transcript and create custom highlights with short video snippets.

Add them in the summary view or share them directly from the preview screen.

Sharing highlights instead of the entire meeting

Now it's really easy to share meeting highlights and combine multiple highlights to tell a compelling story!

Before sharing you can preview the video snippet and associated transcript.

You can also select multiple highlights and share them simultaneously or merge them into a single story.

Now your team watches the important moments only, instead of the entire call.

Highlights editing

Now you can fine-tune the meeting highlights by changing or removing them from the summary view.

You can edit the text, speakers, and labels for each highlight or can even add a custom display text on top of the original transcript.

It's now easier to polish meeting minutes and share curated content with others.

Google Drive Integration

Yes, GDrive is here! You can now synchronize meeting transcripts with Google Drive with 1 click. For every meeting Meetgeek generates a folder in your GDrive workspace, containing the meeting details and the full transcript.

Bonus 😎: These updates are already available for your past meetings. Go to https://app.meetgeek.ai/past-meetings and check them out.

We're very excited to roll out these updates and looking forward to your feedback.

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