It's been a really busy summer and we have many product updates to share. We are thrilled to see these features live and how they impact our daily meetings.

New Design

We have released an improved design and user experience for our web application, which now fits better with Meetgeek's purpose and simplifies the usability of the app.

Microsoft Teams native integration

Meetgeek can now be used within Microsoft Teams conference calls. It will automatically join all MS Teams scheduled meetings as a regular participant and will record, transcribe and generate meeting highlights which are shared with the meeting invitees at the end of the call.

Meeting summary

The meeting summary view is now enhanced to help users write faster, more accurate meeting minutes and help team members catch up easily with the meeting outcome. Feel free to customize your summary according to your preferences.

Multiple language support

It's now possible to use Meetgeek in any language. We support 70+ languages. Moreover, if you're switching between languages in meetings, Meetgeek will automatically detect and transcribe the respective language. Feel free to start in English and finish in French.

Smart topic tracking and conversation highlights

You can now define keywords that will be tagged automatically in your meetings using an AI-based smart search algorithm. You can now customize your meeting summaries and track your favorite topics through recorded conversations.

Mobile view

If you need to catch up with a call and don't have the laptop nearby, no worries. You can now play a summary of the meeting directly from your phone, by opening the meeting linked from your inbox. For example, it's a very convenient way to listen to a summary of the call while commuting.

We have an exciting roadmap ahead. Stay tuned to find out more.

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