New and enhanced features

Download transcript - You can download the whole transcript, video or subtitles by clicking the "More" button in the right upper corner of the meeting page.

Highlights filter - You can now filter the highlights view based on several filters.

Action due date and responsible - Now it's possible to assign an owner and a due date to each of the highlighted action points

Automated split of Zoom personal meeting room based meetings - In the cases when someone uses the same Zoom personal meeting room for multiple scheduled meetings, we designed an automated split logic based on the meeting start and end times, in orders to avoid aggregation in the dashboard for these meetings.

Start/Stop Meetgeek while in the meeting - you can now pause and resume the livestream (and transcription) easily while in your meeting. This gives more control and allows you to say things "off the record".

Upload past recordings - You can upload past meeting recordings for analysis in the recording page

Direct link to Zoom meeting - Added a direct link to the Zoom meeting so you can easily join the meeting from the Meetgeek web dashboard

Customized assistant name - You are now able to configure your own assistant name when using voice commands in the preferences page.

Changes to existing features

Livestream popup message in Zoom - we renamed the Zoom popup with a friendlier name, clicking on it will redirect you to the meeting in the Meetgeek dashboard

My meetings filter redesign - redesigned the filters in the My Meeting page, so it's easier to navigate through your meetings.

Solved issues

Subtitle delay - fixed the video delay when clicking Play on a highlight or a transcript item

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