By using our Zoom native integration you can leverage the full capabilities of our virtual meeting assistant. This includes the ability to automatically join your Zoom calls and extract meaningful Zoom meeting metrics for you.

  1. How to integrate your Zoom account

  2. How to use the Zoom integration

  3. Troubleshooting

  4. Uninstall Zoom

How to integrate your Zoom account

1. After Login you are redirected to the main setup page. Click on the Zoom icon to connect your account.

If you have navigated away from the setup page you can go back by clicking on the main Meetgeek logo located in the top left of the side menu.

Note: Alternatively, you can also navigate to the Integrations page where you can manage all your integrations including Zoom.

2. After clicking on Connect, you will be redirected to authenticate with your Zoom credentials and grant Meetgeek the necessary permissions to join your call and access your meeting metadata.

Note: In case you need approval for installing the app, your admin will receive an email from Zoom requesting approval. For troubleshooting please have a look or ask your admin to use this guide.

Note: Joining the call means that your Zoom call will be live-streamed to the Meetgeek platform. Participants in the call will be informed of this by noticing the Zoom Livestream notification bar and the popup prompt at the beginning of the call.

3. Shortly after the meeting ends, you will receive an email with links to the main meeting page.

Here you will find the summary of the meeting with highlights extracted by Meetgeek, the full transcript, the full video, and audio of the call.

That's it! Your setup is done. Read through the article further to learn more.

How to use the Zoom integration

After the initial setup is performed you can use the integration in multiple ways.

Search through Zoom meetings

On the "Past meeting" page you can see an aggregated view of your meetings including the ones scheduled using your Zoom account. You can search for specific words in all of the Zoom meetings you attended, those that you missed, and others shared with you by your team.

Upcoming meetings

Use the toggle-switch to instruct the assistant to skip joining specific meetings. By default, the assistant will join all of your Zoom scheduled and ad-hoc meetings.

Note: If you would like to instruct the Bot to join only Zoom scheduled meetings and skip ad-hoc calls, you can manage this preference by going to Settings->Preferences page and disable the option "Assistant joins Zoom ad-hoc meetings"


I can't see my Zoom meeting details.

The Zoom integration should work out of the box however if you can't find your Zoom meetings at all try checking the below steps.

  1. Ensure you have properly connected your Zoom account by following the steps described at the beginning of this section

  2. Make sure your admin allows the installation of user-managed apps. By default, this option should be enabled but there are organizations that might block this option on purpose.

My Zoom meeting is not being transcribed or summarized

Verify that your account is able to live-stream Zoom calls. Check this article.

Otherwise make sure you have the ad-hoc option marked on the preferences page, in case it is an ad-hoc meeting or the join toggle-switch enabled for a scheduled meeting on the "Upcoming" page. Your meeting will be transcribed if the live stream notification message is present on the Zoom conference screen.

Note: If you use the Zoom join browser option, this notification might not be present. We recommend using the desktop client instead whenever possible.

In case you are still experiencing issues we are happy to assist you. Kindly use the chat box in the right bottom corner of the page to reach us and a member of our team will contact you.

Uninstall Zoom

If you would like to uninstall Zoom integration then kindly check the guide at this link.

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